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Our assessors reviewed reports and documents available within the Trust’s clinical guidance framework


When adopting the Code the governing body discussed and then agreed they wanted a comprehensive baseline on which to measure their progress on establishing excellence in governance. Although they wanted to lead the review, they thought it beneficial to include an external viewpoint.


A review of governance is done as part of the SAR process and the chair does go through a 360% appraisal. And they had commissioned a baseline review on governance.


To use this baseline effectiveness review as a catalyst for change and improvement. Clerk to be tasked with keeping the resulting action plan under review and to report on progress. The board managed the process exceptionally well and valued an external viewpoint. When implemented, the action plan should secure excellence in governance at this college.

“As a true global partnership, the effectiveness of our board is critical to our future success. Working with Beryl, with her extensive board experience was a valuable and enjoyable experience.”

Phil White Chairman, Bloodwise